We provides you super-fast Internet access, using multiple Wireless P2P access technologies, with the features, you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees

Speeds up to 100Mbps downstream/upstream at an affordable price. Reliability you can count on, optimal performance, scalability over SEASOL highly secure network. High capacity to support multiple employees that need simultaneous Internet access. The ability to support a Wi‐Fi network for your employees or your customers.

Reliability in the Network

SEASOL PVT Ltd. is a leading Tier‐1 Internet service provider with a high performing IP network and service level agreements including install intervals, network availability, network latency and packet loss. SEASOL High-Speed Internet – Corporate is no ordinary Internet connection. Businesses can expect reliability, optimal performance, and scalability on a highly secure network from one of the world’s leading service providers.

Consolidate and Save

  • Single contract and discounting covering multiple P2P Wireless and Internet technologies.
  • Consolidated invoice for all sites ordered.
  • Corporate Customer Care – one number to call for Service Delivery, Service Assurance or Billing
  • Tools for prequalification, site design, and billing information.
  • Platform to support over‐the‐top customer applications.

Feature & Potential Benefits

  • Full-duplex internet speed up to
  • Static and Dynamic IP addressing
  • Wi‐Fi networking via Router
    or Wireless Broadband Gateway
  • On‐site installation by SEASOL
  • Quickly upload, download
    and share large data files.
  • Easily back up to the cloud
    from one or more data locations.
  • Video conference with customers,
    suppliers and business partners.
  • Faster research and browsing on the web.

Our Strong Points (Presence)

When it comes to improving Information technology services and solutions, SEASOL strives to help companies everywhere in Pakistan. We have multiple bases, offices and a dedicated team of employees who brings companies the expertise, experience and dedication you deserve. 

  • Coverage
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Compatibility


SEASOL Internet Services Subscribers

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When it comes to improving Software & Information Technology Services and Solutions, SEASOL (PVT) Ltd. strives to help companies everywhere in Pakistan. We have multiple bases, offices and a dedicated team of employees - bringing companies expertise, experience and dedication you deserve.